Salem English School Rules and Regulations

Discipline to be strictly followed in the school.

Any kind of damage done by the students to the school equipment, furniture, building etc. will have to be made good and penalty shall be decided by the Principal.

Possession of mobiles or drugs is a punishable offence. Once held the student will be terminated from the school.

The school will not be responsible for any loss or books/money/valuable articles/jewellery etc. brought by the student.

Boys must have a regular crew-cut.

Girls should arrange their long hair in one or two braids and tie them tight.

Leave application and a medical fitness report by the doctor is must on leave. Students won’t be allowed to appear in examination in case of attendance less than 75%.

Leaving the school premises without the principal permission is strictly not allowed. Such student will not be allowed to attend the classes unless accompanied by the parents. The disciplinary decision of the principal will be binding in such cases.

Attendance is compulsory on national festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day etc.

No TC will be issued unless all dues are cleared. Parents are required to apply for TC on or before 31st of march of the session . From the 1st April monthly charge and annual charge will be applicable

Regular PTM is conducted by the school which should be compulsorily attended by at least one parent.

School fee and Hostel fee for hostellers are to be paid in 4 installments: 1st installment at the time of admission, 2nd installment before 15th July, 3rd installment before 15th October and 4th installment by 15th January. Late fine Rs.25 per week

On monthly wise payment of fees, fees should be paid before 10th of every month otherwise a late fee of Rs.100 will be charged from 11th of each month with each progressive month until the date is cleared. Yearly fees must be cleared by 10th June of the session.

Parents will have to pay the tuition fee and the other fee of school uptil the month of the session when the application for TC is applied.

Bus services if taken for the academic session must be continued up to March. No discontinuity in the Mid-session will be allowed.