Salem English School- 'A way to success'

Our motto is to strike a good balance between academic and extra-curricular activities. School believes in the holistic development of students. As we know that through students the society can be changed in a positive way with their marvellous ideas.



Salem English School has a strong vision to educate the children coming under its region in all aspects of life. Salem English School is committed and working constantly for the growth and development of students to maximize their individual talents and promote a sense of self respect, humanity, tolerance, adaptability and service to the community and country.

To inculcate all these qualities mentioned above in students, the school should have better curriculum, infrastructure and staff. Salem English School always works on this as it is one of the renowned school of District Raipur. By providing better infrastructure, labs and extra curricular activities with the help of committed staff, we are always a step ahead in the locality.

Here Salem English School assures the parents community that with a highly committed team of staff and administration personnel, we will always preserve an impressive, vibrant and highest quality learning environment that draws appreciation of one and all associated with the school.