Co-Director Desk


    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

                                                                                    - Benjamin Franklin

The above said words by Benjamin Franklin are very true and the same is said in our Shastras too that Vidya (Education) can neither be stolen, nor distributed among brothers whereas it gets enhanced by giving it to someone.

There is universal agreement on the importance of receiving an education. However, what is the purpose of that in which we have received? At Adeshwar Public School, Kondagaon we believe in the fact that education is the improvement of society, an improvement accompanied by the continued upliftment of all the citizens within in the nation. As we know there are countless evils in the society like corruption, war, illness due to aggression and intolerance, EDUCATION is the medicine required to uproot all these evils.

We believe that education is more than just simply academic and extra-curricular achievement. It should be our duty as educators to inculcate into our students moral values which prepare them for their lives after school. These values should help to bring about the improvement of our society as a whole.

At Adeshwar Public School we have constantly strived to imbibe students with these morals. Apart from this, we do provide ample opportunities to our beloved students with our well furnished huge infrastructure which includes well equipped labs and library.



Harsh Parakh

Co- Director